Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan

Transfer Point Beta Glucan is a product that supports and helps preserve a healthy immune system. Beta-1, 3D Glucan comes from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, and the supplement helps fight infection, so you can stay healthier. Because Beta Glucan increases production of white blood cells, more of your immune cells can successfully fight harmful bacteria that might invade your body. The therapeutic dose of the product is one 500 mg capsule each day per 50 pounds of body weight. It should be taken about 30 minutes before eating or two hours after eating. Anyone can take the supplement; however, people who are prone to allergies or other infectious diseases especially benefit. Furthermore, if you have cardiovascular disease or are under a significant amount of physical or emotional stress, Beta Glucan can help. In addition, the supplement can help regulate blood sugar and decrease cholesterol levels. Diabetics will especially benefit from the product. It is recognized by the FDA, so it is completely safe to use. However, it is always a good idea to consult your physician before using the product.

Transfer Point is Supported by Bill Henderson

If you are allergic to yeast, you can still take the supplement without any problems because it does not contain enough of the yeast to cause an allergic reaction. There are no harmful effects if taken in conjunction with other drugs. Bill Henderson writes in his book that the supplement is superior to any other immune supplement. It shields the body against foreign pathogens and bacteria help maintain a healthy immune system. Transfer Point consistently provides the highest qualify products, and Beta-1, 3D Glucan has been proven successful in maintaining health. The product will help your body fight against bacterial disease, viral infections and other types of bacteria that invades your body. Bill Henderson has stated that Beta-1, 3D Glucan is the most effective and finest Beta Glucan on the market.  

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