The Bill Henderson Protocol

Bill Henderson assists people in preventing cancer, as well as helping them cope with the effects of the disease. You can say he became a “cancer coach” after Marjorie, his first wife, battled the plague and toxic treatments for over four years. He witnessed her despair and can now sympathize with the excruciating pain associated with loss of a spouse and loved one. The Bill Henderson Protocol is his game plan for healthy living and his proposed method to combating cancer; he is the author of several books explaining how a holistic plan to eliminate, or eradicate, the disease from the body can work. There are few critics of his plan who say he is not qualified to give medical or natural medicinal advice. However, what determines someone’s qualifications to champion a cause? Bill Henderson is a retired military colonel who has a MBA; yes, there is no formal medical training, but what is to say of his experience? You find when applying for a job, experience is given preferential consideration in lieu of formal education; or, many years of experience can be taken into account to qualify the prospect for the job. Watching and caring for his wife for four years was not only his impetus to help others, but his experience all at once. Bill Henderson is the “cancer coach,” while the Bill Henderson Protocol is the game plan; he chose to author several books, host a radio show, and write an internet newsletter as mediums to deliver his message. The plan is simple and inexpensive enough for cancer patients, caretakers, or even healthy people to be a part of. He has authored three publications directly geared towards helping the public become aware of what the detriment chemical cures (Radiation, Chemotherapy) can do to the body.

Avoid Radiation Treatment with Natural Cancer Cures

the Cancer Free Book by Bill Henderson “Cancer-Free” – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing, was first published as an e-book and is now the latest book in his alternative game plan to cancer treatment. It is a continuation of the first book, “Cure Your Cancer,” a well-researched and carefully written guide for easy reading. His writing “cuts to the chase” on how to wade through the mountains of information regarding natural and non-toxic remedies; he discusses how his protocol may be used in conjunction with conventional treatments. His research includes interviews with hundreds of cancer victims along with a myriad of medical information. Bill Henderson's "Cure your Cancer" Book“Cure Your Cancer” -Your Guide to the Internet, is his 200 page in-depth study of Internet resources. Along with his website that he is constantly updating as changes in the disease occur, this book is a great resource for any patient or caretaker who prefers using the Internet for information. The second edition of this work provides data he gained from physicians and researches since the printing of the first copy; the first book was published after his wife died from her four-year battle and is recognized worldwide as one of the leading resources in cancer treatment. “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day” provides an economical way for even the healthiest person to combat the threat of cancer; he writes about how organic flaxseed and cottage cheese added to one’s diet will keep the body’s cells oxygenated for the perfect defense against cancerous cells. How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day The Bill Henderson Protocol tackles the cancer holistically, unlike the invasive medical procedures of radiation, chemotherapy and other prescribed medications. This cancer coaching approach has helped and comforted thousands around the world. If you consider that cancer victims spend over a million dollars in treatment, you should be so inclined as to look into the “$5.15 A Day” book. Bill’s proposed regimen is worth the money, as it contains firsthand  insight into the plights of several cancer victims that are now survivors. Champions don’t win games without a game plan and a passion for what they are doing; in the words of Bill Henderson, “My passion is to help many more people work around the obstacles of the medical system and conquer cancer.”

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