Beta-1 3D Glucan Immune System Booster

A beta glucan is a representation of a structure that is made up of glucose. The word “beta” indicates that the molecules of glucose are connected in a certain way. These glucans forms long links or chains the twist around each other. Beta glucan is found in grains, seaweed and in the cell walls of fungi and bacteria. The two biggest sources of this particular glucan are found in mushrooms and yeast. Beta Glucan found in these two sources are the main material that is studied for medical and scientific research. Beta-1, 3D glucan has been shown in a series of clinical trials to address many varied conditions including viral and bacterial infections. A beta substance in this form is natural and safe, and has been found to be successful in treating patients who have been exposed to excessive amounts of radiation and UV rays. Beta-1, 3 D Glucan is especially effective when used in combination with antibiotic and antiviral doses.

Beta-1, 3D Glucan and Bill Henderson

The Beta-1 has also shown promise in the treatment of certain weaknesses of the immune system, long-term infections, hepatitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Bill Henderson, whose wife died of ovarian cancer, has done extensive research on cancer and has concluded that a the greatest help in treating severe illnesses would be the strengthening of the immune system. Once the cause of the illness has been determined reversal becomes easier. The regime he proposes consists of being aware of five certain conditions: (1) a weak immune system, (2) an inability in the cells to take in oxygen, (3) excessive toxins, (4) acidity and (5) certain deficiencies. Bill Henderson’s Complete Pack has worked successfully for thousands of people.

Transfer Point Beta Glucan

Beta-1, 3D Glucan is an excellent supplement in addressing the first of these conditions and strengthening the immune system. The body is better able to heal itself when the immune system is stronger. The unique ingredients in beta glucan encourage the immune system to react against infections and therefore allow the cells to more effectively utilize oxygen. The effects of the beta-1, 3 D glucan are being studied by researchers and found to frequently produce favorable results in this area. This Beta Glucan not only strengthens the immune system, but also can reduce the spread of infections and lessen the symptoms of chronic fatigue by boosting energy. One of the most effective glucan supplements available today is the Transfer Point Beta Glucan. It works precisely to effectively increase the strength of the immune system. Independent testing has been done on this transfer point beta glucan and has shown it to be the best immune corrector offered today.

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