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December 17, 2012
by Health Seeker
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The Immune System

The word “system,” suggests there is more to our bodies than we assume: such systems intricately interact with one another, providing vital functionality on a daily basis. Looking closer, the word system is defined as a group of physiological or anatomical organs or parts which complement each other.

We have evolved into a society of health conscious individuals, so let’s take a look at the immune system. The immune system is composed of lymphoid organs and cells; it is the defensive mechanism working against sickness, viruses, infections, and overall good health. A few of the lymphoid organs that we are familiar with include: adenoids, appendix, lymph nodes, tonsils, bone marrow, arteries, veins, and capillaries. There are several more that complete the immune system, however, we are most familiar with the aforementioned.

Diagram of Lymphocytes

What Are Lymphocytes?

Lymphocytes mature into B cells and T cells, guarding our bodies from infectious microorganisms. B cells produce antibodies that fight against infections, while T cells fight anomalies harmful to our bodies. Those that do not restructure into B cells and T cells, assist in keeping out microorganisms by making rounds throughout the body’s blood stream.

The complexities of the immune system are fascinating, Once a disease has invaded the body and gotten pass the heavy artillery, it is stored in memory; if that same invasion happens again, the defense mechanism of the immune system is immediately activated to shield out what was present once before. When we were inoculated as children for measles, mumps, polio, and diphtheria, our innate defenses remembered and prevented these diseases from harming us in the future.

The Influenza Vaccine

Proper Sneezing Manners VisualThere are numerous vaccines for a myriad of influenza strains; as immaculate as immunity is, it cannot function the way it should without proper care of our bodies, especially against The Flu. Just as all the workings of our body parts need proper care, so does our number one defense mechanism. The body is not meant to be sedentary, no amount of vaccines can repair a diminished immunity. Our diets can sometimes cause stress on our organelles, thereby increasing our risk for Flu and Common Cold. Proper rest, is just as important as diet and exercise when overcoming sickness; all are essential to prepare the body against harmful, foreign pathogens.

As humans, we often find ourselves in stressful situations and our diets are not what they should be, these are the times when daily supplementation can assist in proper bodily functions. Vitamins should never be a substitute for a wholesome diet, but only as an addition to what we are eating. To keep our bodies functioning properly, rest is an important part of daily living. Going without proper rest will add stress to the entire body. Pampering the internal workings of the body will ultimately give us a much healthier life. For some suggested alternatives to healthier living and a renowned source for daily supplements, click here.

December 7, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Which Beta Glucan is Best?

Beta Glucan 300

Your Immune System, the most delicate and main functional channel of your body, is the primary system keeping you from being ill. With ongoing awareness to strengthen one’s immune system, the emergence of Beta Glucan 300 has become a vital additive in the health regiments of thousands. Glucan 300, a derivative of Baker’s Yeast, is a very concentrated polysaccharide fiber with a gel-like consistency.This groundbreaking sugar propels your immune system in the fight against foreign bacterial intrusions, while maintaining healthy cellular activity. Importantly, it is also accredited with lowering the amount of bad cholesterol found in the human body.

Glucan 300 Bottle This innovative supplement will aid the immune system by allowing it to react rapidly to a harmful intrusion: including allergic reactions, viral infections, and even cancerous invasions. Stress, of course, is one of the common strains of our innate defense mechanism. Other common debilitations are exposure to airborne toxins, our diet, proper sleep, and lack of exercise. Carcinogens and other diseases reign supreme in such an environment. Our white blood cell count, a primary defense, is delimited when we are not operating at an optimal level. Beta Glucan, however, may alleviate this strain on our body.

One of the main reasons Glucan 300 has been deemed one of the best supplements on the market, is because of it’s amazing affect on macrophages. It has been used by hundreds of health professionals and accredited institutions, from Harvard University to the Canadian Department of Defense in Canada.

Along with a healthy diet, this product has been instrumental in fighting heart disease and even autoimmune disorders. Most people are amazed at how it has been able to slowly, but surely, heal wounds. For those who struggle with arthritis, it has been shown to halt any further damage to damaged tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of Beta Glucan decrease any allergic reactions such as redness from an itchy face or swelling of the skin. With so many successful studies, it is slowly becoming a commodity on the health market.

November 30, 2012
by Health Seeker
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What is Cancer?

There are many different types of cancer, each affecting different parts of the human body. Although every cancer differs, they all involve the abnormal growth of cells. Whereas normal cells multiply and die in a predictable and orderly fashion, cancer occurs when cells divide too quickly and when they “forget” to die.

What Does Cancer Do?

Clusters of abnormal cell-growth are often referred to as “tumors”, tumors can be either benign or malignant. The term “malignant” means the tumor is growing rapidly and will likely spread to other parts of the body. When cancer cells spread to other parts of the body, it is said to have “metastasized.” As this occurs, they can spread to places far from their point of origin; therefore, an anomaly that originates in the stomach could eventually spread to the lungs. In such an instance, it is still considered to be stomach cancer as it will have the same type of cells as the original manifestation. Different variances of cancer behave differently and will respond to different modes of treatment in different ways. The ability to invade is not something cells in the body are typically able to do; therefore, this is a crucial part of what differentiates a malignant cancer from a benign tumor. Benign tumors are growths that grow slowly and are not as likely to spread, though they can still cause localized problems and thus may need to be removed.

The Different Categories of Cancer


This is a cancer of the bone marrow that affects its ability to produce platelets. Leukemia eventually replaces the body’s normal blood cells with cancerous cells.

This type of cancer shows up primarily in connective tissue such as cartilage, bones and fat. Younger people are more prone to sarcomas than older people.

• Lymphomas
Lymphomas occur in the glands that produce the body’s white blood cells and bear similarities to leukemia. There are two types of lymphoma: Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s.

• Myeloma
Myelomas often show up in the plasma cells of bone marrow, causing tumors . Myelomas can occur in one bone or in multiple bones (multiple myeloma).

• Carcinoma
Carcinomas are cancers that mainly occur in the epithelium or outer lining that covers internal organs. Carcinomas often occur in those parts of the body that have secretion as a function. Skin, colon and breast cancer are all examples of carcinomas.

What Causes Cancer?

The primary cause of cancer is damage to the DNA, causing ells to be produced when they are not needed. This cluster of unnecessary developments is referred to as a tumor. Many factors can bring about this occurrence, including factors in an individual’s environment and their genetics. The numerous factors that are known to cause cancer include exposure to certain chemicals, obesity, radiation and certain habits like smoking.

The Most Common types of Cancer

The type of cancer that occurs most commonly in women is breast cancer, followed by lung cancer in second place. In men, the most common cancer is an affliction of the prostate, with the second most common being lung cancer. Where such patients live is another factor that can often play a role in the types of cancer they likely to develop as citizens in certain countries are more likely to get certain variations than others. For example, people in Europe and America have a higher likelihood of developing cancer when compared to those in Africa and Southeast Asia. Europeans and Americans also have higher instances of breast and lung disease than other regions.

When talking about cancer, doctors will use certain terms like “aggressiveness,” which indicates the rate at which it is growing and spreading. Other terms used include “carcinogen,” which is a cancer causing compound. The last is “remission,” the period of time when the illness seems to have dissipated.

November 26, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Beta Glucan for Your Skin

Transfer Point Beta Silk Lotion

Beta Glucan Lotion | Beta Silk

Beta Glucan is an extract known to promote healthy, rejuvenated skin in people who use it as a part of a epidermal care regimen. Said compound has been proven to promote a healthy immune system as well. These Glucans have been found to protect the body against the effects of aging, while aiding the skins in self-repair; this solution stimulates the production of Langerhan Cells, which are cells that are essential to those who aspire to have youthful skin.

Sun exposure, environmental stress, aging, and environmental chemicals all affect a person’s skin to varying degrees. Chronic Illnesses can all also exacerbate certain dermal anomalies. Itching, breakouts, and inflammation are all common manifestations that result from immune system malfunction.

Beta Glucan serves as a catalyst for enhancing the function of the immune system; the natural ingredients from its derivative boost the performance of the immune system. Beta glucan promotes production of cells that may have a difficult time forming when a person’s immune system, or health, is compromised. Its ingredients have been credited with being able to shield the body against infections that can wreak havoc on the skin.

A skin care regimen that includes Beta Silk Lotion can restore the skin. Over time, it will repair itself, minimizing the effects of wear and tear that are common in aging. Anti-aging products that include this chemical compound will treat minor scars and wounds. Because they are able to penetrate several layers of the skin, they work from the inside out to improve skin health.

Beta Glucan can be derived from certain grains such as barley and oat. The key ingredient in this substance is sugar glucose. Such a substance stimulates the production of macrophages, which slow the overgrowth of foreign particles and control the activity of viruses. Their capacity to digest harmful microorganisms that can compromise the skin is what promotes a healthy look and feel.


November 22, 2012
by Health Seeker
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“Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret” by Vaclav Vetvicka

Beta Glucan: Where is it derived? What is its purpose?
Beta Glucan originates from the cellular walls of Baker’s yeast; it has been proven on a scientific level to maintain, as well as support a healthy immune system. It is important to note, a strong immune response is important to the overall continuation of good health. Beta Glucan has been placed under the most rigorous of scientific studies, at a number of highly-acclaimed academic institutions. “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret” by Dr. Vaclav Vetvickais a very informative book with a full range of chapters inclusive of why Beta Glucan is contributory to overall good health. Some of the chapters in the book include: “Basic Principles of the Immune System”, “Effects of Glucan on Blood Sugar and Cholesterol”; and “Which Glucan to Choose”. The book is currently available in its second edition, in stores and online.What does it do?
Beta Glucan appears to stimulate the white blood cells referred to as Macrophages; Beta Glucan receptors are displayed by the immune cells called Lectin. Once the Lectin is present, the white blood cells are triggered which maintain the immune system; or keep it clean. Naturally, this clean up tends to have a domino effect; and an entire host of activity results. The immune system is able to respond more readily to unhealthy environmental factors. The host resistance is greatly improved due to the increase in macrophage activity. Not only that: production of immune cells is also greatly increased. The immune activity applies to certain Beta Glucans though; and other benefits are derived dependent on the Beta Glucan chosen.

Why is it so important to increase white blood cell count?
When the white blood cell count is increased: the additional cells can assist greatly in fighting invaders to your immune system with greater efficiency. Suffice it to say then: Beta Glucans serve a great purpose for persons suffering from Chronic Diseases. Chronic disease, reasonably defined is a disease of long duration; and slow progression. Such diseases include Diabetes; and Chronic Respiratory Disease. You may well see: how supplementing your body with Beta Glucans can have an enhanced effect in immune system response; fighting off the diseases listed or ameliorating a patient’s health.

Beta Glucans can also increase movement of the immune cells as well as increasing the production of the cells. Beta Glucans increase the amount of reactive oxygen intermediates referred to as ROIs: Phagocytes; Macrophages—the white cells alluded to above; again, allowing for greater immune system responses. The immune response in turn is shifted from an over-activated Th2 to a well-balanced response of Th1. There is evidence that suggests the shift is important in assisting, ridding a patient of allergic reactions and autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is the body’s reaction to antibodies from substances occurring naturally in the body.

How safe is Beta Glucan?
Many persons not totally familiar with Beta Glucan wonder about its safety rating. It is a fact: highly pure Beta Glucan possesses a GRAS rating from the United States Drug Association (USDA). The GRAS acronym is indicative that Beta Glucan is considered: “Generally Regarded as Safe.” Further; it appears that Beta Glucan has no known levels of toxicity attached to it.

These compounds are administered over the long-term, about a year, when an individual has undergone surgery in order to prevent infections from occurring.

But Really: What precisely are Beta Glucans?
These compounds are actually sugars which are found in the cellular walls of fungi, yeasts, algae, fungi, lichens, and plants such as oats and barley. The latter is why you see a great deal of articles about the benefits of oats and barley in lowering cholesterol levels; tied to Beta Glucans—that is if you have conducted research prior to your reading of this article. Beta Glucans are sometimes used for medicinal purposes

Beta Glucans, as stated can be used in the control of high cholesterol, diabetes (as alluded to above) and the adverse effects of HIV/AIDS. Certainly, Beta Glucans can boost immune system response in individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or as a result of either emotional or physical stresses.

Conclusively, it appears so far that Beta Glucans can increase immune system responses and lower cholesterol.

November 18, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Webster Kehr | CancerTutor.com

Alternative Cancer Treatments

With millions of dollars spent annually looking for a cure, Cancer is one of the great scourges of modern times. According to a recent report by the American Cancer Society, as many as 12 million Americans alive today have had cancer, with over 1.6 million new cases expected to be diagnosed in 2012. Even more startling is the fact that over 570,000 people are projected to die from some form of cancer in 2012. We’ve been told that despite all the money thrown at the problem, a cure for cancer is 50 years away.

In the meantime, this is one of the few diseases where the treatment can seem almost as bad as the disease. Chemotherapy is essentially the insertion of poison into the body to try a “scorched earth” approach against the disease. Sometimes it works against cancer and sometimes it doesn’t. But one thing is for sure, a lot of healthy cells die in the process of chemotherapy. Radiation isn’t much better, with an equally as low success rate. The “cure rate” for cancer using the modern practices of chemotherapy and radiation has been cited as low as 3%.

Frustrated patients from all over the country have found themselves asking one simple question, “Is there a better way to treat cancer than radiation and chemotherapy?” The easy answer is yes; throughout nature there have been treatments found which when used properly, have shown a cure rate as high as 90%. It may seem far-fetched based on everything we’ve heard from the big pharmaceutical companies but R. Webster Kehr of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation has led the charge on continuing to pursue natural treatments for cancer.

Kehr is a leading proponent of the field pioneered by Dr. William D. Kelley who examined the effect of natural immune system boosters as an alternative to the modern treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. With these methods, Dr. Kelley saw a reported success rate of 90%. The Independent Cancer Research Foundation often has to answer the question of why modern medicine sticks with treatments that only have a 3% success rate. The answer is the color green; it is far more profitable for ongoing low success rate treatments that cost the patients huge amounts of money instead of more successful natural cures. Dr. Kelley started the practice that Kehr continues: getting the word out about the healing powers of natural immune system boosters.

One of the key tactics by the pharmaceutical companies is the discrediting of natural medicine. They try to degrade the success rate of natural medicine; here is the mortifying thing, chemotherapy and radiation make the problem worse and make it harder for natural immune system boosters to do their job of killing cancer cells. Without chemotherapy and radiation, natural medicine would be even more effective against cancer. However, the medical industry gets to patients first and tries their treatments and it makes it even harder to cure cancer.

The key thing to remember is that the best solution to cancer isn’t radiation and chemotherapy; it is the natural cancer fighting power of immune system. For more information on the practices of Webster Kehr, visit

November 14, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Glucan 300®

Which Beta Glucan is the Best?

Our immune system includes an amazing and highly functioning natural defense mechanism commonly known as macrophages. Macrophages specifically include cells located within the body’s tissue; first discovered in 1884 by bacteriologist Iiya Mechnikov, macrophages activate the body’s innate defense mechanisms and optimally increase the immune system. Macrophages feed on and effectively remove pathogens from the body, while attacking infectious cells and foreign particles such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Since 1996, world-renowned researcher A.J. Lanigan has been creating Glucan 300®, an advanced Beta Glucan product containing macrophages. This unique and effective immune system defender and enhancer provides the purest form of Beta Glucan (AboutBetaGlucan.com). Successful manufacturing of immune system boosting Beta Glucan requires technologically advanced extraction of long-chain polysaccharide molecules located within the cell walls of baker’s yeast. A.J. Lanigan’s extensive research discovered that baker’s yeast contains highly branched biologically active particles, which optimally enhances the immune system. The sophisticated purifying process used extracts only non-live yeast and will not promote allergic reactions or aggravate a yeast infection while offering the most concentrated and safest levels in Beta Glucan. The pure macrophages contained in Glucan 300® bind to foreign particles and system invaders within the body. The binding process initiates and stimulates the body’s immune system while increasing immunity strength and effectiveness.

Why Transfer Point?

Researcher Lanigan brings more than 20 years of stellar expertise in the study and advancements of many immunology disciplines. Combining the outstanding developer Transfer Point, with the detailed educational background of Mr. Lanigan brings together two leaders in their field of expertise and the result is Glucan 300®. Transfer Point adds quality manufacturing of natural and extensively researched immune health products, ensuring optimal purity and maximum potency in the macrophages bolstering Glucan 300® product.

Mr. Lanigan has successfully accomplished many goals; The most important goal is to create the purist and safest form of Beta Glucan, while making it affordable to the public masses. Recognizing the need for an outstanding immune system product that consumers could afford has resulted in Glucan 300®. Only this product provides the largest amount of 1, 3D Glucan in each capsule, which has successfully been proven maximum potency while meeting the highest of today’s industry standards.

Achieving affordable and beneficial immune system support and defense is easily obtained through the superior Beta Glucan product Glucan 300® (AboutBetaGlucan.com). Do not hesitate to discover why so many are enjoying the many health benefits available at a budget friendly value.

November 10, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Bill Henderson Cancer Cure Reviews

The Bill Henderson Protocol

Bill Henderson assists people in preventing cancer, as well as helping them cope with the effects of the disease. You can say he became a “cancer coach” after Marjorie, his first wife, battled the plague and toxic treatments for over four years. He witnessed her despair and can now sympathize with the excruciating pain associated with loss of a spouse and loved one.

The Bill Henderson Protocol is his game plan for healthy living and his proposed method to combating cancer; he is the author of several books explaining how a holistic plan to eliminate, or eradicate, the disease from the body can work. There are few critics of his plan who say he is not qualified to give medical or natural medicinal advice. However, what determines someone’s qualifications to champion a cause? Bill Henderson is a retired military colonel who has a MBA; yes, there is no formal medical training, but what is to say of his experience? You find when applying for a job, experience is given preferential consideration in lieu of formal education; or, many years of experience can be taken into account to qualify the prospect for the job. Watching and caring for his wife for four years was not only his impetus to help others, but his experience all at once.

Bill Henderson is the “cancer coach,” while the Bill Henderson Protocol is the game plan; he chose to author several books, host a radio show, and write an internet newsletter as mediums to deliver his message. The plan is simple and inexpensive enough for cancer patients, caretakers, or even healthy people to be a part of. He has authored three publications directly geared towards helping the public become aware of what the detriment chemical cures (Radiation, Chemotherapy) can do to the body.

Avoid Radiation Treatment with Natural Cancer Cures

the Cancer Free Book by Bill Henderson
“Cancer-Free” – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing, was first published as an e-book and is now the latest book in his alternative game plan to cancer treatment. It is a continuation of the first book, “Cure Your Cancer,” a well-researched and carefully written guide for easy reading. His writing “cuts to the chase” on how to wade through the mountains of information regarding natural and non-toxic remedies; he discusses how his protocol may be used in conjunction with conventional treatments. His research includes interviews with hundreds of cancer victims along with a myriad of medical information.

Bill Henderson's "Cure your Cancer" Book“Cure Your Cancer” -Your Guide to the Internet, is his 200 page in-depth study of Internet resources. Along with his website that he is constantly updating as changes in the disease occur, this book is a great resource for any patient or caretaker who prefers using the Internet for information. The second edition of this work provides data he gained from physicians and researches since the printing of the first copy; the first book was published after his wife died from her four-year battle and is recognized worldwide as one of the leading resources in cancer treatment.

“How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day” provides an economical way for even the healthiest person to combat the threat of cancer; he writes about how organic flaxseed and cottage cheese added to one’s diet will keep the body’s cells oxygenated for the perfect defense against cancerous cells.

How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day

The Bill Henderson Protocol tackles the cancer holistically, unlike the invasive medical procedures of radiation, chemotherapy and other prescribed medications. This cancer coaching approach has helped and comforted thousands around the world. If you consider that cancer victims spend over a million dollars in treatment, you should be so inclined as to look into the “$5.15 A Day” book. Bill’s proposed regimen is worth the money, as it contains firsthand  insight into the plights of several cancer victims that are now survivors.

Champions don’t win games without a game plan and a passion for what they are doing; in the words of Bill Henderson, “My passion is to help many more people work around the obstacles of the medical system and conquer cancer.”

November 6, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Ty Bollinger Cancer Truth

Ty Bollinger’s Cancer Cure

Typically, cancer is known as a malignant group of cells, but this is more commonly referred to as a tumor; tumors occur as a result of active cancer cells. In order to remove tumors from a selected area, they must be cut out during surgery. After being sliced open, you are recommended to undergo chemotherapy to kill off any remaining malignant anomalies. If needed, the procedure is complimented with radiation; this measure will destroy any latent cells missed by the chemo.

These procedures are the inspiration behind the colloquial name, “The Big 3“; or, what Ty Bollinger calls “Slash, Burn, Poison.”

Everyone has cancer cells in their body that develop throughout their existence. Our body’s immune system is pretty well-developed and will typically be able to seek out these cells and destroy them. This normal occurrence does not always work, that is why cancer has become such a fatal disease. When a healthy body is unable to defend itself, this malignancy truly begins to form. Hence is why there is a higher chance of death in patients with diabetes, as it affects the immune system’s ability to fend off afflictions. Therefore, we can see that cancer is actually caused by a failure in our own body’s immune system. For this reason, the cause of the weakened immune system must be fixed for the disease to diminish, otherwise the patient will never be able to fully recover. Treatments that ignore this part of the problem will never help the patient,they will solely lead them closer to death.

Natural Cancer Treatment

Ty Bollinger's Book on CancerIt is very important for us to remember that all types of cancer cells have many things in common, despite their location in the body. Ty Bollinger notes that Glucose is the primary element that is engulfed by cancer cells; as a result, they excrete lactic acid into the bloodstream. The blood then carries the lactic acid back into the liver, which turns it right back into glucose. Now remember, these cells feed off of glucose, so what do you think this does? The glucose returns to the cancer cells, feeding them so that they can continue to attack the body. It has been well documented that glucose levels are often used to figure out exactly how far the condition has spread. With this knowledge in mind, Bollinger recognizes that the solution seems to be removing the glucose from the blood so that cancer cells will no longer feed; this will slowly destroy the spread of said affliction.

When you see a quick shrinkage of tumors during the recovery process, this shouldn’t be taken as a sign of recovery at all. Ty believes this is actually a bad sign because it shows that the body’s immune system is shutting down; therefore bringing the patient closer to death. As a patient, you will want to see a growth in the size of tumors, as this means that they are filling up with the cells that were created to identify and fight them. This is the body’s natural response to the growing cancer; when you see a decent in cells being produced by the immune system, your chances of survival are declining. This is the reason that a tumor will shrink, it also explains why patients don’t recover after the growth has shrunk. Although malicious, modern medicine does not adapt their practices to benefit our body’s innate defense; if you choose to better your chances of recovery, read Ty Bollinger’s Book today.

November 2, 2012
by Health Seeker
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Lyme Disease Symptoms

Treatment for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a zoonotic disease carried by ticks, but it’s diagnosis is not nearly as clear-cut as its cause. Notorious for its tendency to masquerade as a host of other ailments, the disease is often missed or misinterpreted in its early stages. Most patients recover with appropriate medical treatment, but when left untreated, Lyme disease can wreak havoc on the body’s systems, depressing immune activity and resulting in serious or even life-threatening health complications.

Lyme disease is largely diagnosed objectively, and there are no encyclopedic criteria for symptoms. The earliest signs may take up to 30 days to appear, and fewer than 10% of patients will not demonstrate symptoms at all. There are, however, a number of symptoms that, when observed concurrently, may lead to a diagnosis.

Skin symptoms

Obviously, the first red flag is the presence of a tick on the skin. Unlike most other bites or insect stings, tick bites are generally non-irritating, and a tick no larger than a pinpoint may remain undetected for days or even weeks as it feeds on its host. Ticks should be removed promptly and preserved for a physician to inspect.

Manifested in most Lyme disease patients, the first and most visible sign, known as erythema chronicum migrans (EM), is highly localized in the spot of the tick bite on the skin. The spot is red at its center, pales in color as it manifests outward, and returns to red in its outermost border, resembling a red-and-white eye. As the infection progresses, EM may appear on other parts of the body not associated with the bite.

Physical symptoms

The tick’s bite delivers compounds capable of depressing immune activity, and complications may spiral as the disease begins to travel into the bloodstream. At this stage, even patients who never exhibited EM may begin to exhibit physical symptoms. These are often described as resembling influenza and may include headaches, muscle pain, fever and fatigue. Some patients also report light-headedness; nerve pain; arthritis; vision problems; and photosensitivity.

Neurological symptoms

If untreated, infected persons may show neurological symptoms resembling those of meningitis or encephalitis. Symptoms such as memory problems and palsy can become chronic and have been known to result in misdiagnoses of multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease. Undetected Lyme disease has also been known to result in paralysis, but cases of this nature are exceptionally rare.

Mood alterations

Individuals infected with Lyme disease may exhibit general lethargy; trouble sleeping; depression; and loss of interest in daily activities. Extreme cases may manifest psychotic behavior mimicking bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Stress can further limit the body’s ability to fight the disease’s immunological effects, heightening depressive symptoms that are already exacerbated by a frustrating persistence of physical ailments. As a result, patients may also experience problems functioning normally at work or school.


A healthy diet is always an excellent defense against illness, and many foods are already known to be capable of boosting the immune system and fighting certain cancers. Recent studies have suggested that dietary components such as polysaccharides may counter the immunological effects of Lyme disease. Found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, corn, carrots, apples and oranges, as well as in grain-based foods such as pasta, cereal, bread and rice, these may also improve digestion and normalize bowel function. In the absence of a balanced diet, polysaccharides may also be taken in supplement form and may prevent other diseases.

Only complete avoidance of ticks will eliminate the possibility of contracting Lyme disease, but there’s no need to live in fear when enjoying nature. Ticks are known to be prevalent in heavily wooded areas, but for anyone who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, vigilance is as good a prescription as any. Check the skin and scalp thoroughly, and detach ticks immediately. Pay close attention to any physical or neurological symptoms noted in the days or weeks following a tick bite, and consult a physician if any of these symptoms develop.